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Our Guild

Insomnia was formed on Nov 17, 2006. Our goal from the start is end game, we enjoy raiding together as well as doing things as a whole instead of individually. We run all instances we can (Prior to endgame) when we're not raiding. We love to talk on vent and just have fun. We raid nightly and accept Casual players although at the moment we are looking for more serious raiders to join us.


Our "Goal" or "Mission" is to stay a fun friendly guild, while working our way through endgame. We want everyone to have a say and be as comfortable and happy as they can within our guild. If at any point you have any problems or questions please feel free to come to one of the officers or leaders.


Trial -- Your trial for 1 weeks after which you'll be promoted to initiate.

Initiate -- Your at Initiate for a week, if your attendance (Atleast 80% of raids) and performance keeps up you'll be promoted. If you are not 70 attendance will not be a factor for your promotion. -- Loot wise you can roll/use points on items if Raiders/Members all pass.

Member -- This rank is for those that do not meet Raider Rank requirement. (IE: level 70, 80% of attendance to raids, etc)

Raider -- Must make 80% of raids to achieve Raider status, Raiders have priority on loot over Members, Initiates and Trials. Raiders will also be considered for invites to 10 mans and above before Members/Initiates and Trials.

(Note: If a trial or Initiate is made to wait for an invite it will be calculated into their 80% attendance.)

HC Raider --yes "hardcore". These are players who are fully prepared, dedicated & show up for 95% of raid. Also have a "we" attitude not "me". Players who work to achieve success as a guild. These players get absolute first raid invites(aside from officer|cl).**looking for 30 core members**

Raid Leader -- Run the early kara groups, any and all questions about these groups should be directed at them. RL decides whos in the group, what day/days are off and everything else that is related to their raiding time.(Considered HC Raider Also.)

Class Leader -- They lead there Class in raids, Give spec|gem|enchant advice, recruit for there appropriate class, Remove members of their class if they need too.

Officer -- Assist GM with general guild conduct and rules, assist with guild meetings, loot options, IRP etc.

Guild Master -- Plans raid schedule, leads raids, Guild meetings, Guild conduct and rules, loot options, decides on Class leaders, etc etc.

Note -- Ranks were recently changed (Aug 5'07 2007) the changes have been updated if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

- Tristah