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Guild Master - Tristah
Officer - Garrettx

Class Leaders

Druid - TBA
Hunter - TBA
Mage - Tristah
Paladin - TBA
Priest - TBA
Rogue - Thegoodcat
Shaman - TBA
Warlock - Yebbon
Warrior - Garrettx

Raid Leaders

25 Mans - Tristah
Early Kara - Tristah
Late Kara 1 - Tristah
Late Kara 2 - Garrettx


Druid - Open - Feral
Hunter - Closed
Mage - Closed
Paladin - Closed
Priest - Open
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Open(healing)
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Open - Prot

If your interested in joining
please make a post on our
recruitment thread
or contact the appropriate
class leader.

Also may contact one of the Officers listed above, Thanks.
Screenshot of the Day

Jan'Alai Down!!

Karazhan & Gruul

Both Clear.


Kill Count = 4
**Italic = dead**

Hex Lord Malacrass

Magtheridon's Lair

Kill Count = 0
**Italic = dead**


Serpentshrine Cavern

Kill Count = 0
**Italic = dead**

Hydross the Unstable
The Lurker Below
Leotheras the Blind
Fathom-Lord Karathress
Morogrim Tidewalker
Lady Vashj

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