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Insomnia Raid Points  (IRP)

Raid points are earned by running Karazhan, Gruul's Lair (BC Raidable instances) etc with the guild.

Points are earned as follows:

1 for being ontime
1 for each boss
1 for every 3 hours in the instance

Loot costs 5 points across the board. Wether its T4 or T5 or just an epic.

Random Blues cost 0, if they are an upgrade for you just let me know and you can gladly use it.

Random Greens are /roll 10 or 25 by the loot master and distrubuted to the appropriate member. (Make sure your bags have room)

If your on standby you -will- earn the full amount of IRP as the raid you are on standby for. Example EK1 earns 8 points, 1 ontime, 1 three hours, and 6 bosses you will be credited for the same amount of points.

Deteriorating Insomnia Raid Points  (DIRP)

We have implemented a DIRP system into our IRP. We have people showing up for one raid having the points to take loot, they do so and then dont raid for weeks or months and then they do it again. It's time to stop that.

DIRP will be docked according to the equivilant of what is earnable for that week.

IE: Late night Kara group clears everything but Netherspite, Illhoof & Nightbane

Earnable points would be as follows:

1 ontime
1 Midnight
1 Moroes
1 Maiden
1 Opera
1 Curator
1 Aran
1 Chess
1 Prince
1 3 hours kara

total of 10 points earned that week for Kara.

So you would lose a total of 10 points for that week, although we would earn more due to Kara being spaced out over a few days.

You will also lose your Raider rank in the guild and be demoted to Member.

When you reach 0 IRP you are then removed from the IRP list.

DIRP for those that show once a week.

There are also people who show up for one raid a week, take loot, and dont come back til the following reset.

For those that only raid once a week they will be docked a point a day for that week unless it's due to RL situations and I have knowledge of this fact.

IE: Work, kids, etc.

You will also lose Raider Rank due to you needing atleast 80% showing (either in raid or on standby) to keep this rank.

Note: If you give your spot up in the raid for someone else to get loot you will not be docked points, aslong as I'm able to contact you either via Vent, Ingame (on main or alts), MSN or a phone call you will not lose points but will earn standby and your 80% requirement to keep raider rank.