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Please follow these "rules" or "codes". They are to maintain respect and honor within our guild and out of it


1. Absolutly no Racism will be tolerated.

2. Be respectful of your guild mates. No flaming/bashing. If you have a problem with another guildmate please talk to an officer or myself to get it resolved asap.

3. Be respectful towards other players of Azeroth. Don't flame/bash anyone. Be bigger then they are. If you have a problem with another guild that cannot be solved with /ignore then please come talk to one of the officers or myself and we will try and resolve it.

4. We aren't a "pg13" guild but please be aware of what is considered "over the line" when it comes to sexual comments, crass, cussing etc. don't go over board.


1. No Racism will be tolerated at all on vent. Any degrading comments will result in a immediate boot from the vent server.

2. Again, Not a pg 13 guild but don't go over board with the cussing and stories n such.

3. Don't blare music when people are talking etc.

4. When there are people in a private channel don't just jump in and inturrupt them.

At the moment that pretty much covers everything. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules please come talk to me and we'll discuss it further.